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Sampe Give General Advice Letter

I am flattered that you would request my advice regarding your career path. I can tell from your letter that you have given much thought to your ultimate goal and I encourage you to continue weighing advantages versus disadvantages.

You state that your goal is to own a computer software development company. The question is, do you concentrate now on gaining knowledge and experience in management and finance, or do you increase your technical skills?

From what you describe, it seems that you are giving equal importance to each area. Perhaps you should concentrate on the area you have the most enthusiasm for at this time. I believe a conscious awareness of that preference may help you make your decision. Let me know if this helps!

Give General Advice Letter Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Advice for a Lucrative Career Path

Dear _____(Sir or Madam),

I appreciate you asking me the advice for your career path. Well, as I am aware that you are IT professional and currently working in a reputed company from past six months. I would suggest you to be in the company at least for a year or more. It’s a good company, and if you are there for more than one year you will gain experience and when you apply for the next job you can go for a higher level.

It’s not advisable to move from one job to other every six months. I understand that the salary the other company is offering is bit high but since I too have an experience in your field I suggest you to give more time to the current company, and it’s always advisable to be in the company and grow to the next level.

Every company looks for commitment, handwork and stability. Do your best in your current job, follow your targets and perform well. Usually any company would take at least two years to promote a person. After that you can always look for better opportunities and you can bargain for good package as well.

Well, in the end it is your decision, and I assure you whatever your decision will be I will support you.

Thanking You/Regards/Love

Yours truly,



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