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Letter of Agreement Form

This type shall be pointed to any concerned ones for the parties involved in any form of agreement or deed. This shall include the purpose of the agreement to be transacted, parties & witness details.

This agreement is transacted on Third day of September in the year 2010.


1.  M/s.  Kumar & Co, Mumbai.

2.  M/s. Singh & Co , New Delhi.

IT IS HEREBY approved Mutually as per the following clauses:

That in consideration & good faith of the mutual terms and conditions to be adhered to by the above mentioned parties, M/s.  Kumar & Company, aforesaid as the First Party hereby agrees that it shall deal in to provide necessary raw materials, specialized man power to carry out the below described task as per the government pact for a period not exceeding two years from the date of the agreement agreed upon.

M/s. Singh & Co, aforesaid as Second Party hereby covenants and consents that it shall make the pre decided advance payments as per the said government pact & its clauses.

This agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their successors in the court of Law in case of any disputes.

IN WITNESS where of these parties have executed this agreement on 3rd Sept’ 2010.

Signed on behalf of.  M/s.  Kumar & Co

Signed on behalf of M M/s. Singh & Co

__________________                                  _______________________

In the presence of (witness)                         In the presence of (witness)

Name:                                                                  Name:

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