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Announce A Budget Surplus

The Announce a budget surplus is written when there is a budget surplus that has to be distributed among the staff members as a bonus. In this letter all the particulars are mentioned like the financial year, amount to be distributed etc. A loan is also provided to the needy people in these situations. This is a simple type of letter and has to be written in easy manner.

Some tips to write a good announce a budget surplus

  1. Write the letter in a positive approach. Write that all the staff members are going to get their share. Write about the advantages that all the staff members aregoing to get.
  2. Ask the reader to talk about their claims. Also tell them to give the list of the loan searchers. This will make the work very easy.

Announce A Budget Surplus Sample









Subject: Announce a budget surplus


Dear Sir/ Madam

This letter is written with reference to the budget surplus that is arisen in the financial year 2011-2012. The extra money that is left has to be carried forward for the blue prints of next budget and also the next financial year. The board of directors has suggested to disburse the bonus and to give small term loans which the staff members have demanded form the surplusamount in this financial year. The Board of doctor further requests the audit department to prepare one list for the loan searchersand onus gainer and submit the same o the financial department after sending one copy to all the directors in the board within 15 days from the release of this announcementletter. The board of directors also requests the staff members to mention their claims or refund whatever is applicable at the earliest. This is going to be very beneficial for the staff members who wanted to take a loan in fact this is going to be beneficial for all the staff members.



Thanking You.


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