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Announcing A Job Related Party

The announcements of job related party letters are written to make announcement of any party that is being held in the office. The letter contains the reason, venue and timing of the party. This letters are being written to make aware all the staff about that party. This letter is a request made to the reader to attend the party.

Some tips to write a good announcement of job related party letter

  1. Write the letter in positive and exciting way. Do not use very formal language.
  2. Mention the date, venue of the party. Also write who is going to come for the party as a chief guest.
  3. Also write about the reason for the party. And mention that the presence of the reader is very important.

Announcing A Job Related Party Sample









Subject – The announcements of job related party

Dear all members,

We are very happy to make you aware that our company has successfully completed 25 years and this is the time to celebrate the  silver jubilee on 6th November. This party will be arranged by the higher management in the company a lawn and all the staff members are cordially invite for this party.The event will be honoured by the presence of the founder chairman Mr. Dalal. This will be really a proud moment for all of us.  The organization has really achieved a top position in last 25 years. This moment is really a special one and you all are requested to be present and make the event a special one. This party is really going to be a great fun and hope we will make progress like this every time and arrange functions like this every time. This is a nice get together of all staff members and there is a good chance to build nice relationship s between the staff member.



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