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Graduation Announcement to Dad

A graduation announcement letter is written to a father by a son telling him that he has graduated and accomplished the dreams of his dad. This letter is written in informal and friendly way. In this letter the son thanks dad about the help and support given to him.

Some tips to write a good graduation announcement letter

  1. Thank your dad for giving you all the education and moral support. Tell him today what you are; you are because of your dad.
  2. Write that you have completed gradation and now you are looking for higher education. Tell him that you will learn more and more in future.
  3. Mention about any specific award that you have achieved. Write when the graduation function is going to take place.
  4. Write this letter in very simple and friendly language. Do not make use of professional wordings.

Graduation Announcement to Dad Sample










Subject: Informing Father about completion of graduation.

Hello Dad;

I hope you will be very happy to receive this letter. The great news is that our Graduation Convocation Ceremony will be held on October 22nd, 2013 at the university grounds. I am sure that you will feel very proud of my graduation in accounts. I am sure you will be honoured with my achievements. Hope you will feel fortunate enough with this success.

Though the year began with many troubles, I worked hard and achieved a rank in this exam. The principal of our college has awarded me with the rising star award for this year. Now I feel delighted for having fulfilled your dreams Dad .Express my wishes to mom and best wishes to dear Sana.

With regards

Yours lovingly,


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