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Apology Letter to Girlfriend

Dear name,

I am so sorry for not attending your birthday party yesterday as promised actually I got the tickets easily and was in the airport at the right time but unfortunately because of the weather all the flights were cancelled. I try my best to catch with any connecting flights but I could not get one. It was only in the last moment that our semester exams were postponed and was a week before your birthday or else I would have come a day before your birthday. I know you understand me well and will forgive me for this and I can’t even explain how I felt missing your birthday I was just thinking of you all the time. I have booked the ticket for today will be there by evening. I assure you we will make up for the birthday and I personally want to meet and tell you how bad I am feeling of not attending your birthday.

Your birthday is very special for me and I had made different plans for that. I am so sorry to spoil your mood and assure you that I will be on time next year.

See you soon

Take care

Yours truly


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