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Sample Sorry Letter to Aunt


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Dear aunt

I am extremely sorry for getting your dress stitched with wrong measurements. Actually the day you gave the measurement and the cloth I also had my dress to be stitched. I clearly specified the measurement to the tailor but he made a mistake. Now I feel I should not have given mine on the same day or probably not with your dress material. I know that was a gift from your son and it was very close to your heart and also you got it stitched for your birthday party.

I hope you forgive me for my deed and this won’t affect our relationship. If you can let me know from where your son got the dress material I can at least try to get the same for you.I know this is not an excuse or replacement for the love and affection which your son gave but I can at least give it a try to get the similar one.

I understand that you gave me the dress be stitched from the same tailor as you like all my dresses stitched by him. I am really sorry I ruined your plans of wearing that dress in your birthday.

Hope you forgive me aunt.


Your Name.

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