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Redundancy Appeal Letter

This is a letter which is written by people who are without any job. A kind appeal is made through the letter. The letter can be addressed to any prospective or concerned employer through direct quota or close contacts. The adverse conditions that the person faces due to joblessness in spite of a good character and personality are specified by this letter. The positive strengths of the person are conveyed through this.

Tips to write a redundancy letter

  • Be clear and to the point
  • Don’t boast too much about yourself
  • Write the letter in a requesting tone and not in a demanding one
  • Convince the second party of your skills
  • Explain to them why you are fit for that job
  • Explain to them the problems that you are facing without the job
  • Write the name of referrer clearly

Redundancy Appeal Letter Sample











Subject:  Redundancy appeal letter

Respected Sir,

As you know Mr. Ganesh Rokade is a very close friend of Yours. I am his nephew and  I am making a kind appeal to you for applying for employment on all positive grounds. The documents that are necessary and that prove my efficiency have been attached and enclosed. Please consider these documents. I have tried for the same post in many firms. However, not all were up to my expectations. Some of them did not suit me at all because I feel I have capacities beyond the post which I was being offered.  I assure you the best if you offer me this exuberant opportunity. Kindly allow me for making the most of it. Sincere efforts would be put in and I would be contributing my best to the productivity.  I look forward and expect positive consideration at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely,


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