Sample Appraisal Letter

An individual joins an organization after considering the salary that s/he has been offered and the job profile that s/he will be expected to handle. An organization selects an individual on the basis of what s/he will be bringing on the table as far as efforts are concerned and what is the experience that is backing her/him.

After the individual has joined the organization based on certain pre requisites, how s/he fares in her/his work is purely performance and effort based. An Appraisal is one such process followed by the HR department of all organizations to measure or gauge the performance of every individual over a year. The increment that s/he will get will purely depend on the result of this appraisal.

An Appraisal Letter is the one that an organization hands over to its employees usually once a year after having reviewed their contributions, efforts, performances and results over the last one year in the organization. This is one letter that all employees look forward to getting at the beginning of the financial year but the content of the letter are a total surprise for them.


  • Since an Appraisal Letter is purely official in nature, apart from its formal language it should also be short and brief
  • It should always have the date when it has been issued
  • The date from which the appraisal will become effective should also be prominently mentioned in the letter
  • It should always be given to the employees well ahead of the actual implementation of the appraisal so that they can contact the HR department in case of any discrepancies before it is implemented
  • The amount of increment as well as any other perks that will come with it should also be clearly mentioned in the letter
  • The letter need not give details of what all achievements have been made, it is just a letter of facts and figures
  • Since it is an official letter, it should always be typed. A hand written letter gives a very casual approach to the letter
  • The letter should end with encouraging words so that the employees continue to give rewarding performances
  • It should always be on the company letterhead


_________________ (Name and address of employee)

_________________ (Date)

Subject: Annual Appraisal

Dear Ms/Mr _____________

A new financial year apart from bringing lot of other things such as the budget, investments, etc also brings something more with it – the appraisals.This is the time that all of you eagerly wait for.

The HR department burns the midnight oil to evaluate the performance of each one of you based on the contributions made towards the growth of the organization. After a careful analysis they come up with figures also depending upon your levels in the organizational hierarchy.

Based on your individual appraisal for the year ________, the organization has decided to give you an increment of Rs._________ per month. The increment will be implemented from April _______ (year).

Congratulations on your achievement and we hope to see many more laurels from you.

Please feel free to contact the HR department for any clarifications failing which we will assume that the figures are acceptable to you.

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)

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