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Employee Appreciation Letter



Name of the department,


Dear Mr. / Miss (Name of the person)

I, on behalf of (department name), appreciate you and your team on the efforts and sincerity in successfully handling the presentation. I was pleased to see the team accomplish the goals. I personally thank you for assisting the team and achieving the goals. It was concluded successfully with your help. I am aware about the hard work and dedication you have put in this work and congratulate you for your success.

We sincerely appreciate your role in the success and hope that you will keep up the good work in the future also. We are pleased to have you on our staff. We are very well aware that you have put in lot of hard work on organizing and leading the team. It’s because of your dedication and loyalty and team spirit that the presentation was a success.

On behalf of the management we want you to know that we really value your dedication towards work. Thank you for giving this company your best.

With best wishes,


(Name of the person sending the letter)

General Manager

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