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Appreciation Letter Template

Writing an appreciation letter is a way of thanking to the reader whomsoever it may concern, it can be a teacher, it can be a employee or it can be anyone. Appreciation letters are classified into two types personalized or professional. Appreciation letters though not friendly still it has some special meaning hidden in it thus bringing a joy and hope to the reader for his future betterment. Appreciation letters should not be too lengthy provided it should explain in detail about every reason for being appreciated.

April R. Taylor

1328 Kemper Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

21st October 2010.

Subject: Appreciation letter template.

Dear April,

Congratulations! You have been awarded as the employee of the month. I want to appreciate you regarding your excellent performance which has been announced yesterday evening. We wanted you to know that because of your hard work, the company has increased in size and profitability. Your enthusiasm and interest to work in the company, in spite of difficulties, have made a huge impact to our success.

If you want to know about your next month target and increment amount eel free to contact me via mailer.

You are a valuable employee to our company.

All the best.

Yours Faithfully,

James H. Brown.

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