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Appreciation Letter to the Day Care Provider

There are certain times when people has to go out for some work and has no other option than keeping their children at home alone for one day. It becomes very much difficult in scheduling their plans to go out. One day care provider has got a solution for this problem. They have a facility of providing a care taker for one day which will solve the problem of the children for one day. Thus the one day care providers are appreciated for they have done a great job of care taking for one day.

Daniel B. Cherry

538 Dawson Drive
Benton, AR 72015

22nd October 2010.

Subject: Appreciation letter to the day care provider.

Dear Daniel,

I am writing a thank you letter to the wonderful women to take care of child. I can see that you are really happy and appreciative of her care, however simplify it a bit, maker her letter concise and to the point.
As an ex daycare provider as was always very aware that it was my job, appreciation is good, don’t overdo it, she might hike the price next year because you are so happy with her care. I always thought I was supposed to write a really nice letter, so now I am not sure what to do.  Also, what do you think of giving her a small bouquet of inexpensive flowers along with the money and card

Yours Faithfully,

Steven M. Leff

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