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Birthday Letter to a Daughter

21st Birthday Letter to a Daughter

Dear name,

I can’t believe that my little angel is grown to be a beautiful 21 year old woman. It seems to me as it was just yesterday when your dad held you in your hand with tears in his eyes.

You have been a wonderful daughter, you have always fulfilled all the expectations of and what we dreamt of you. You have been a wonderful girl and now a woman who is bold intelligent and strong and understand the weaknesses of others and know to take control of a situation.

I can’t explain how I and your father feel about you. You were always there with us when we needed you. I still can’t forget the support you gave me when you dad met with an accident, you were there with me emotionally and I saw a very strong women in you. I hope you face all the troubles in future with confidence and strength. The only thing that I wish to tell you is do not spend your entire time in research .look in to the beauty of the environment ,spend some time for yourself as you will never get this time back again.

So on your 21st birthday I and your father can proudly say that we gave given the best of our knowledge and best practices of life.

I and your dad wish you a very happy 21st birthday.

With love,

Your Mom

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