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Business Closing Letter

Each business closure situation has different details. The type of business will dictate what actions you, your customers or suppliers will have to take before the closure date. To develop a customized letter meeting your needs, start with a sample letter of business closure and adapt the wording to reflect the details of your particular situation.

Mr. Shrivastava

Marketing Manager,

Logical Systems,

25 LBS Road,

San Francisco


Date: 10, September 2010

Respected sir,

              We will be closing Transand Enterprises on September 26th 2010. No delivery will be accepted other than those already placed. Over the next sixty days we will be auditing our books of accounts and look out for any outstanding invoices. If we haven’t already all the dues, we will be in contact with you to confirm our current balance owed and to arrange for the solution of any outstanding issues.

I want to thank you for your past business; and to tell you how much we have enjoyed having you as a customer. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any explanation. We want to thank you for being with us and believing in us. We would definitely to like to do any sort of business with you in near future.


Lee A. Merritt

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