What is a Marketing Letter?

In order to sell your products or services, marketing is very important. Television commercials and print ads can allow you to reach out to the mass audience. If you want to add some personalize touch to your marketing, then consider writing marketing letters in order to reach out to the potential customers. If you want to successfully fight against competition, then writing a marketing letter can help you out because it can allow you to develop the personal connection.

Do you have a small marketing budget? Do you lack behind with your marketing team? If yes, then you can consider carrying out promotion by writing the marketing letters. This can also allow you to address the needs of a specific audience.

Your marketing letter should always be drafted in a simple manner. Avoid adding too many colours or graphics. Understand one thing, that you are writing a letter and not a junk mail, so avoid writing cluttered letter. You should also avoid adding jargon and can make use of conversational tone to grab the reader’s attention. It is advisable to not address such a letter by the first name of a person.

What is your target audience? If you know your target audience, then it can become easy for you to connect with them via letters. Considering needs and values of the customer, before writing such a letter can help you to draft a good letter. There are different things that you need to consider while drafting a marketing letter like:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender

Always think from the point of view of customers, while drafting such a letter. Always try to write the content, that can allow you to grab the attention of a reader. Apart from describing details about your products and services, you should also concentrate on adding benefits that a reader can enjoy. I there is any discount available, then make an offer in your marketing letter.

How to Write a Marketing Letter to Get Clients?

Marketing by means of sending a letter is considered as the direct marketing. Even in the age of social media, you can consider carrying out such a marketing technique for the benefit of an organization. It is important to send such a letter to the potential clients or customers, or else the results will be fruitless. Here are the few things that you need to take into account while writing a marketing letter, in order to get some clients:

  • First, prepare the list of people who may be interested in your products or services. For existing demographic, it is possible to find the mailing list. You can make use of this list, in order to draft a marketing letter to the right audience.
  • What will be the headline of your marketing letter? Remember, that headline should always be eye-catching and interesting. The boring headline, will not allow you to grab the reader’s attention.
  • If you are planning to add some graphic to your marketing letter, then ensure that it has some meaning related to your message. You can make use of clip art graphic, stock photo etc. that can lend you with some credibility. If the headline is boring, then the reader won’t be interested in reading your letter further.
  • If it is a sales letter, then you can also add a personal touch to it by addressing it in the first name of an individual. You can make use of the conversational style, to draft this type of a letter. It is always suggested, to make use of short and snappy sentences.
  • What kind of offer have you for the customer? Mention about it in detail, so that customer can find it easy to take the decision related to buying your products or services. In such a letter, you should not mention details about your sales goals or needs. You can also consider identifying problems of the readers and writing the letter accordingly.
  • You can also include a reply form in such a letter, in order to get an immediate reply. In a marketing letter, you can also add your mailing address and other contact information, so that reader can find it easy to connect with you. Don’t forget to add, right call of action in a marketing letter.

Ten great ways to start a marketing letter

How to write a motivating marketing letter? You have a pen in your hand but are not able to find a great start to your letter, then what you will do in such a scenario? Below mentioned are the few effective ways that can help you to have a great start to your marketing letter:

  • Tell your reader, that he or she is special
  • Try to start a letter, by narrating a story
  • Tell the reader, that you know about the problem they are facing and have proper solution to offer via your products or services
  • If there is any frightening news, then start the letter with it
  • If there is some good news, then you can start the letter with it
  • In the first paragraph itself, you can make your offer
  • Explain, how your products or services can prove to be helpful
  • Make announcement, if required

Attention-Grabbing Headlines of the Marketing Letter

Generally, it has been observed that letters don’t have headlines. But, this is not the scenario with a marketing letter. It is important to have a headline or a subject line in your marketing letter. How will you write an attention grabbing headline? Here are the few tips that can help you out:

  • First tip – Your headline should be useful! If it is not useful, then the prospective reader will not consider reading your letter further.
  • Second tip – Show some urgency! In order to enhance the response rate of your marketing letter, it is important for you to ask for an immediate action from the reader.
  • Third tip – Draft a specific headline! It is important to maintain the relevancy factor while drafting a headline.
  • Fourth tip – Show some uniqueness! Don’t repeat the same thing like your competitor, while drafting a headline.

In order to draft a solid and attention-grabbing headline for your marketing letter, it is important for you to follow the above-mentioned tips.

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