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Charity Funds Request Letter

This letter is addressed to any organization or a business firm or to any individual person to help and donate money for the relief work or to help those people who are displaced by natural disasters or who are in need of funds. This letter should be genuine and should be dispatched with adequate proof so that the reader should be convinced that the letter is genuine.

Mr. Anil Reddy



As you know about the recent Tsunami had hit the southern part of India really hard. It has caused extensive damage of lives and property of the people belonging to south India. In the past, you have helped our organization providing us with a donation of Rs. 2 lacs for the earthquakes victims a few years ago. It proved to be a great help for the victims. This time also I kindly want to request you to donate money for the victims of Tsunami and if possible provide service like providing food as yours is a dairy product company.

We kindly request you to make a generous donation to enable us in the relief work we have undertaken in these regions. Many organizations have shown positive response and we hope we get the same from your side as well. I thank you for the precious time you gave for going through this letter and hope to look forward to your co-operation.

Thanking you,

Apu Chinaswami



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