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Children Christmas Letter

In overall sense, Children Christmas letters are written by small kids assuming that the Santa Claus exists. These letters are written by children to tell Santa what they would like as a gift for Christmas. These letters are very entertaining and interesting too. No specific pattern is followed as these are children letters.

Some tips to write good Children Christmas letter.

  1. These letters are written by children so these have to be written in little funny and innocent language.
  2. Do not write these letters in formal style.
  3. Make the letter simple. You can write a detailed letter.
  4. Try to make some humor that can create a special impact. Try to be as much innovative as you can.

Children Christmas Letter Sample









Subject – Children Christmas letter.

Dear Santa

Hello Santa. How are you? How is everyone at North Pole? How is Mrs. Claus? Hope you all are good there. I thought of writing a letter to you so that you do not get confused about what to give. I need some good story books. I like to read the books. My mother told me to tell you so that you will bring it for me. I hope I am not bothering you too much. If you will give me good books tome as gift then I will show them to all my friends and even I will give them for reading. My mother says it is good to help each other. I am sure you will not disappoint me and I am going to go for sleep early to bed on the Christmas night as I know you will not give any gift if you find someone awake. I hope you do not feel this too much. My friend jenny told me that last year she wrote a letter to you and you gave her what she wanted. This made me write this letter to you. Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus in advance. Thanking you.


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