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Christmas Letter Format

A Christmas letter format is a format in which one should write a letter to someone. This format is very easy to use. There are many types of formats available and you can use the best format you like. These formats are very useful while you write a Christmas letter.

Some tips to write a Christmas letter format

  1. The letter has to be written in a prescribed format.
  2. The Christmas letter format is of many types. For example there should be separate format for the letter to be written to a family member and there should be a separate format to be written for a letter to employee or the boss.
  3. The letter format has to be simple. A complicated format does not appeal.

Christmas Letter Format Sample









Subject – Christmas letter format

Dear Merry

Hello Merry, How are you doing? It’s been years since we have not met each other. How is Paul? And how are your twin daughters? They are very adorable. I remember the time when you all had come here in Easter and we had a lot of fun. We all are also doing well. Sam is working with a bank and my little one goes to nursery. He always asks me about your two kids. We will plan to meet together so that kids can also enjoy playing together.

Let us hope to meet and have a great time together. My son has also taken gifts for everyone and he has also planned to give them to you as and when we get a chance to meet. If we get a chance,we will organise a Christmas party so that children will also learn how to decorate a Christmas tree and the importance of this festival. It is not all about giving gifts but it is all about giving blessings too.  Wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. May god give you all the love and luck. Hoping to meet you all very soon.



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