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Sample Santa Letter

A sample Santa letter is written by children as an invitation to Santa before the occasion of Christmas. The letter is a request to Santa to bring some particular gift to the children. The letter is written in a funny and very friendly language andno formal language is usedto write the letter.  Children write about the good things they have done in the year to impress the Santa.

Some tips to write sample Santa letter

  • This letter has to be written in simple, informal language. The tone has to be polite and innocent.
  • Mention the good things that you have done in the year so as to impress Santa.
  • The approach should be welcoming while writing the letter.
  • Do not write a lengthy letter, a short and sweet letter creates a good impact.

Sample Santa Letter Sample









Subject – Sample Santa letter

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you? Hope you are very fine. The Christmas is about to come and we all are eagerly waiting for your gifts. Iamwriting to ask for a small car as I like to play with a car. I really want a car as I would spend lot of time playing with it. I was in fact a good boy throughout the year and I got first prize in story telling competition in school. Not only this but I alsoparticipated in a play in the annual function and I really think I deserve this gift from you. I am really thankful to you for all the previous gifts by you. I have still preserved all of them and play with them too. I am really eager to see what is under the tree this Christmas. Give my good wishes to all at the North Pole.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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