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Santa Christmas Letter

A Santa Christmas letter is written by excited children who are eagerly waiting for the gifts from Santa. This letter is written one week before the occasion of Christmas. In this letter, the children tell the Santa to bring good gifts for them. This letter is written as a welcome to the Santa clause. Children make Santa aware that they are enthusiastic to meet Santa Claus.

Some tips to write Santa Christmas letter

1. This letter has to be written in an innocent manner and a simple language has to written

2. Letter should be written in a welcoming attitude.

3. The letter is a welcome letter so write about how excited you are to welcome Santa.

4. This letter has to be written one week before the Christmas

Santa Christmas Letter Sample









Subject – Santa Christmas letter

Dear Santa Claus,

As the Christmas is coming, I thought of writing a letter to you. You must be preparing to come here and make our Christmas a great festival. How is everyone at the North Pole? Hope you all are doing well. We all are too fine. We all are thinking what would be under the tree this year and we are sure that it is better than the last year as usual. We love the gifts that you give us every year and we preserve them every time. We have also done all the preparations to welcome you. So we are very enthusiastic to meet you on this Christmas evening and hope the day comes very soon and the moments of waiting end soon. Hope we meet soon and we all enjoy the Christmas Eve together. We have made all the preparations to welcome you. So please come soon and make this most awaited day a great one.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!



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