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Christmas Letter Template

A Christmas letter template is written to wish your friends or relatives a happy Christmas. This is a nice way to wish each other. Template does not have a specific format. This can be arranged like a poem also. Simple language is used to write these.

Some tips to write Christmas letter template

  1. Write this in a very simple way. You can also arrange like a poem. The template has to be short. A lengthy template does not look good.
  2. Do not make it very big. A short and simple template in fact catches the attention.
  3. The template can be humorous and state-of-the-art too.
  4. Do not use a formal language. A letter in the informal way gives better impression.

Christmas Letter Template Sample









Subject – Christmas letter template

Dear (name)

One more year has completed and it’s now time to again give each other wishes for the Christmas and the New Year. Gone are the days when we all used to get together and arrange a Christmas party on this day. Today the time has changed and everyone has become so busy that we can’t spare time for this holiday. But that is ok. This letter can be a nice way of communication between all of us. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year too. Kindly accept my feelings and blessing in the way of this letter and let the New Year fulfil all your wishes. God bless you. Hope to see you sometime.

With lots of love


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