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Thank You Christmas Letter

A Thank you Christmas letter is written to a person to thank for the precious gift that he has given. This letter is written in an informal language. This is a type of thanks letter. The main purpose of the letter is to say thank you to the person who has given you a wonderful gift and made you happy.

Some tips to write Thank you Christmas letter

  1. This letter is to be written in informal language yet the language has to be polite and professional.
  2. Welcoming tone has to be used.
  3. Mention what gift the person has given you, how do you use it and how the thing is extremely useful for you. Mention what benefit you have gained because of the precious gift.
  4. Again thank the person for beautiful gift given by him. Also give him blessings.

Thank You Christmas Letter Sample









Subject – Thank you Christmas letter

Dear Jenifer

I am writing this letter to thank you for wonderful gift that you gave me on the occasion of Christmas and I am really thinking how to say thank you to you.  I was actually in need of a cook book as I wish to learn the cooking these days. I was really in search of good cook book and surprisingly I got it from you as a gift. You really don’t know how useful the book is for me. I have literally tried each and every recipe from it and I really enjoy cooking now. I really thank you for giving such a meaningful and nice gift tome. It will be with me forever. This is the most memorable gift in my life.

It was the best gift of all the gifts I received on This Christmas eve. I once again thank you for giving me such a wonderful and useful Gift. May God bless you.


Thanking you


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