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Father Christmas Letter

Father Christmas letter is written by a kid who thinks that Santa Claus exists. This is an encouraging letter as it comprises of innocent feelings of a child.  It is a humble letter written to Father Christmas and the intension is to fulfil the desire of child.it is an informal type of letter.

Some tips to write Father Christmas letter

  1. Use polite and innocent language and make it simple and short.
  2. Let Santa know what you wish to have, also make him aware about how good you were throughout the year.
  3. Use word like please and thank you.
  4. Do not write the letter in a professional manner. This letter should be written in simplest manner.

Father Christmas Letter Sample









Subject – Father Christmas letter

Dear Santa

I am writing this letter to you to let you know about what I want on this Christmas Eve from your side. This letter is being written as inspired by my mother. This time I need something special from you and I hope you say yes for the same. Every person should get a present on this festival. I have a neighboring house in which four children live and they do not have parents. I really feel sad for them and I thank god for giving me such good parents. These children must be missing their parents on Christmas and feeling sad as no one gives them any gift or wishes. So if you give them any gifts, they will be really happy for it.

Can you please drop gifts for these little ones too? I wish to see them happy. If you are very busy distributing gifts, I can give you little assistance. I am sure you will bring something for them. Thanking you.

Yours faithfully


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