Holiday Complain Letter

Usually people book their holidays with the travel agencies as it is convenient. The hotels and sightseeing tours are booked by these agencies. It is thus easy for the people as there are no hassles. But sometimes the package tours, as promised by the agencies do not provide the facilities that they make while booking the tours.

Here is a sample holiday complain letter:


Andrew Smith

32, Sun Rise Apartments,

New York


Joyride Travel Agency,

Westend Avenue,

New York

21st June, 2010

Respected Sir,

I had booked your Exotic Eastern package tour that had left on the 12th May. In this tour many things were promised. Some of them included were breakfast, lunch and all the tariffs that were to be paid by the agency. Besides a 3 star hotel occupancy was also promised.

But it is regretful that these facilities were not provided. The breakfast given was not sufficient for 30 people, and any coming 15 minutes late had to go without it. After reaching the destination, to our horror we found no accommodation in the hotel. We learned through the hotel authorities, that no advance booking was done. We were then shifted to a medium class hotel of seedy appearance.

Since all the 30 people who booked for the tour have similar complain and that we had paid for the tour facilities. Thus, we would like to register the complain and seek a refund of the money. I hope that you will look into the matter.

Thanking you,


Andrew Smith

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