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Complaint Letter About Harassment


Mr/Mrs ___________


Date ___________

Subject: – Complain about harassment

Dear Mr/Mrs

With due respect I will like to bring to your attention the rude and incompetent behavior of Mr___________ (Name).His attitude toward the junior is totally non-professional. He has been treating his juniors in the way totally unacceptable.

It is due to all this we find it difficult to work along with him. He also exploiting his positions for his personal gains and even threatened many colleagues and juniors. The reports made by him also have many irregularities and facts have been misquoted to make the reports look one sided. His reports and memos for promotion are also biased.

It’s our humble request that kindly look into the matter and take some serious steps in this regard to improve his conduct and behavior.

Thanking you


Name _____________


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