Compliment Letter to a Sales Staff

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(Recipient name)

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Dear (recipient)

I recently came to your shop to purchase (name of the item purchased), I would personally like to compliment you for the service provided by your sales manager (Mr./Miss). S/he was very helpful and had proper knowledge of the products s/he was selling. S/he explained properly about how the product works and also informed me about the added advantage of buying that particular product had just visited your outlet to have a look but your salesperson convinced me with his best sales and her communication skills. I must say that s/he is an asset to your outlet and I am sure he will help you get more sales to your out let. I would suggest you to allow him train other sales persons in the outlet as his work style and dedication will definitely motivate others

I am overwhelmed by the service provided by her/him and thank her/him for the help and guidance provided to me.

Thank you once again for the excellent service.


(Sender name)


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