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Sympathy Condolence Letter

Some words of sympathy can fill any kind of wounds so it is very important to write a condolence letter on death of any known person to his family. The letter should not be lengthy and it will be better if you write it in your own hand writing. You can send it anytime after funeral. Your sympathy words will definitely give comfort to the grieving person and family. Here is the sample of sympathy condolence letter written to a friend on loss of his sister.


Wendy R. Ehrlich

3792 Concord Street
Charlotte, NC 28208


Martha G. Morin

1976 Lonely Oak Drive
Mobile, AL 36608

2nd July, 2010

Dear Martha

It is a very unfortunate incident that you have lost your sister recently in an accident. I got shocked when I got this news as I have talked with her on telephone 2 days before and she was sounding very happy. I can understand your situation as sister has very special place in life.

I remember the childhood days when we used to play with each other. She was really very cute but after school, unfortunately I never got chance to meet her. This time I promised to meet her when I will come to India but meeting with her was not in my destiny.

Please tell me if you want any kind of help. I will be very pleased to help you in this situation.



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