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Congratulation Letter on Becoming Grand Father

It is nice to write congratulation letters to friends, relative, colleagues, business associates, or even family members on occasions like birth, promotion, marriage, achievements, success etc. As writing such letters will show that how much caring and approachable nature you have towards your closed ones.

Mr. Martin P. Smith

827 Maple Court

Columbia, MO 65207

17 September 2010


Dear, Dad

I received your letter in which you were congratulating me for becoming a father for two cute baby girls. Thank you so much and congratulations to you too for becoming grand father to my twins. Dad it’s now promotion day for you because you became grand father from father. I remember dad how much you use to love me and you always use to tell me that I will know the feeling only after I become father. Everything is fine here but we miss you and mom so much please come as soon as possible to see your grand children’s. Both the babies are so cute one is same look like mom and the other one looks like me. I have seen mom’s childhood pictures she was the same as my daughter is now. Give my regards to mom and take care of yourself as well as mom. We all are waiting for you so please come soon. Kingly contact me before coming as I will come to receive you and mom at the airport.

Yours truly,

Mr. Gary M. Smith

2129 Petunia Way

Fayette, AL 35555

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