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Congratulation Letter on Birth of Twins

This letter is written when a friend or colleague has become a father or mother i.e. given birth to babies. Again as it is a happy moment the letter should be written in a happy and positive way. Also while reading the letter he should feel your genuine feeling. Also it should suit the occasion perfectly. Write in a casual and pleasing way so that the parents to whom you are writing the letter become happy and feel glad to receive a letter like this.

Here are some of the helpful tips to write a congratulation letter on birth of twins

  • Write it in a  soft and sweet way
  • Congratulate the couple on the birth of the babies
  • Wish them luck and enquire about the baby
  • Convey about the responsibility they have to take henceforward
  • Do not make errors in names while writing the letter

Congratulation Letter on Birth of Twins Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Congratulation Letter on birth of twins

Dear Sir,

We are glad to hear the news that your wife has given birth to two baby boys. We congratulate you and your wife on the arrival of these two new family members. As you always wanted a baby boy, god has granted that wish by giving you twin baby boys. Hope the babies are in good health.

We all on behalf of our company wish you both congratulations. Hope the mother is keeping fine and there is no problem. In case you need to extend your leave you can freely talk to the HR manger and extend it as you will surely require time to spend with your babies.

So enjoy your time with the babies and best wishes to you once again.


Thanking You

Yours truly,

Name and Signature                                                                           Stamp of the company

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