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Congratulation Wedding Letter

Man is a social animal. We like to stay in community & we like to communicate with each other during various occasions of contentment and jubilation. The occasion, mood, manner and format of letter differs from person to person depending upon the kind of intimacy and association between the two parties. Congratulation letters must be warm, sincere & convey genuine feelings of happiness. Congratulatory letters can be very uplifting to some. Writing these is a very simple thing to do. Just make sure you include the reason you are writing the letter, express your praise, and make sure to stay positive.


Mr. Nicholas R. Giles

37 Sloe Lane

22nd February 2010,

My dear Ronald,

I am extremely happy to convey my best wishes on the occasion of the wedding of your elder brother, William with Michelle on Monday, the 25th February 2010. May god bless them and give them all the happiness & successful relationship.

I know you wanted me to be there any how for his wedding but because of some important meetings and paperwork’s I have to go to Australia on 24th February. So its not possible for me to be here on the marriage day. Please accept my deep apology for not attending the marriage in person due to this obligatory business work. My blessing will always be there with them during this occasion.

Yours Affectionately,



Mr. Matthew M. Jones

88 Henley Road
TN25 7JQ

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