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Actuary Cover Letter

Sample Cover letter for Actuary

Say big no to grammatical errors in cover letter as it will spoil your image in front of employer. Cover letter is meant for making you noticeable in front of so many candidates for Actuary so make sure you prepare professional letter with the help of the sample letter given below.

(Write your name and address)

Scott Moore
2348 Horizon Circle
Phone: 253-508-5597

(Write Employer’s name and address)

Edward Davis
Safeguard Scientifics Inc.
3295 Laurel Lane

Date: 13-11-2010

Dear Mr.Davis,

(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of the job listing)

There may be many candidates in competition for Actuary and I am one among them but can assure of putting complete hard work. Safeguard Scientifics Inc. is well known name in market and its Seattle is also quiet convenient to travel. Source giving information about job profile matches accurately with my working experience.

(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)

My work experience includes:

  • Since finishing my PhD I have been working as a trainee actuary with Hymans Robertson.
  • This has involved providing pensions advice and calculations in respect of various local government councils.
  • In addition to this I have been studying towards my actuarial exams.
  • This position has been extremely challenging and interesting, although I am keen to move away from actuarial work and utilise my degree and PhD.
  • The 4th year of my degree was spent working as part of a Quality Assurance laboratory.
  • I was a member of a small team whose duties involved routine on-site QC testing, as well as delivering on-demand, and project based, solutions for operations and production.

(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)

I look forward to discuss with you regarding the opening for your office. I will call you next week to clear any doubts and answer any questions that you might have. You can contact me anytime for any clarifications required. I would like to thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely
(Scott Moore)


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