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Cover Letter Example

Such letters should state the actual details about the applicant. In this letter an example is given for how to write a cover letter with all the information about the person and also about the job he wants to do. He should have almost a rough sketch bout the field he wants to enter in.

Dear Mr. Aryan Singh

Graduate student

61 Crane Road


22nd June 2010

I am writing in reply to the classified ad seeking to fill the position of Graduate Student Advisor for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program.

I have been awarded the degree of Master of Arts from ABCD so I understand the need for academic advisement and program planning in a non-traditional higher education environment. I have also experienced, first-hand, the comforting effect of being able to contact an adviser who genuinely cares for the success of students.

I believe my educational background in non-traditional post-graduate education and my work related duties of counselling and advising students enrolled in learning programs qualifies me for consideration for the position of Graduate Student Advisor. I look forward to discussing how my skills can be of value to XXX as it prepares to move into the new millennium.


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