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Covering Letter Lecturer

A standard and professional format of writing a covering letter puts a great impression on the reader. A covering letter should contain all the important information about you. It is better to send a typed letter than hand written.

Here is a sample covering letter lecturer:


Aisha Barclay

#57, Madison and Park Avenue,

Vinegar Hills,

New York


Father Basil Edward

College of Commerce and Management,


New York

24th June, 2010

Dear Father Edward,

I have the honor to apply for the post of lecturer in economics advertised in the New York Times of 21st June, 2010. It will be my pleasure to work with an elite institute.

I have enclosed my resume for your kind perusal and would like to brief it. My education comprises of a bachelor and a master degree in economics and I am perusing PhD in the same. My thesis has been submitted and I am waiting for the degree to be awarded.

During my research I deeply studied the share market economy and its dependency on the foreign trade. I am also well aware about the foreign trade laws and legal process. I would like to assure you that all my research will be very helpful for the student and I will prove to be a good lecturer.

Along with all the professional degree in economics, my personal skill of good communication, presentation and top level satisfaction make me a right prospect for this post. Therefore, I am looking for a personal interview so as to discuss more about my education and skills. Please phone me at 420-61632465.

Thank You,


Aisha Barclay


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