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Covering Letter

In this types of letters the methods of writing letter for a job is shown, also stating the potential to work and proving ones self efficient and capable for the job with all the past experience in the field. And giving some information about oneself so that they can be appointed for the job.

Mr. James Kate

Student of Art Management,



3rd September 2010

Dear Mr. James Kate

I, Marx Villa a senior at the State University; am interested in interviewing for a job as a Marketing Assistant with ABCD. I believe that ABCD has the ideal culture to pursue my goal of becoming an innovative and responsible arts administrator and contributing to the ABCD Company’s outstanding record as a centre for exhibition and discussion of contemporary art and culture.

Academically, my extensive course work in the art history department at the State University has allowed me to gain an understanding and appreciation for the art at your Company exhibits. I also have studied broader elements of arts management, including audience development and fund-raising as a part of my recent arts management class at State University.

My previous summer work experience as a staff reporter for The XWZ newspaper, as well as my experience working for my school’s paper, has provided me with a strong base of communication knowledge and helped me learn how to develop and work on several projects at once, write about a diverse range of topics, work quickly and efficiently, and further developed my interest in becoming a better marketer.

I firmly believe that I will be a good fit in ABCD’s innovative environment. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Signature

Marx Villa

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