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Credit Analyst Cover Letter

Sample Cover letter for Credit Analyst

Understand importance of neat and clean cover letter. Apart from content even the description style and format of writing letter for Credit Analyst also plays important role.

(Write your name and address)

John Boyer
2693 Ash Street
Grand Prairie,TX
Phone: 972-795-4570

(Write Employer’s name and address)

Christian Lewis
Phelps Dodge Corp.
1608 Simpson Square

Date: 18-11-2010

Dear Mr.Lewis,

(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of the job listing)

Getting job in Phelps Dodge Corp. in Grand Prairie for Credit Analyst would be like nightmare as many people have their eye to work with such reputed firm. Gaining an interview experience would also be great thing for me and for this I am thankful to .

(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)

My work experience includes:

  • To produce commissioned credit analysis on various companies in the Maritime, Energy and Commodities sector;
  • analysing and investigating the financial position of the company and the wider industry in which it operates
  • Credit / counterparty risk assessment – highlighting potential threats and market risks. Interviewing senior management within the company to gain a better understanding of its operations

Assess the risk of offering credit to businesses and individuals,ensuring credit exposures arekept in line with the employer’s limit on risk bearing

  • Advising and recommending changes to policy and procedure
  • Liaising with internal and external stakeholders within the company, including Account Managers and product specialists

(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)

In the coming week I will make a contact with you so that we can discuss out the date of interview. In case you require more information you can contact me at the mentioned phone number and email id.

Yours Sincerely
(John Boyer)


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