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Engineering Student Cover Letter

Sample Cover letter for Engineering Student

What to say in cover letter? You will find answer to this question in the below mentioned sample of cover letter for Engineering Student. Apart from this you need to make out, how to write cover letter? Appearance and content are two things which can make your letter marvelous.

(Write your name and address)

Juan Johnson
1810 West Side Avenue
Fort Lee,NJ
Phone: 201-242-8348

(Write Employer’s name and address)

Christina Clark
Valero Energy Corporation
2155 Benson Street
Eau Claire

Date: 03-11-2010

Dear Mr.Clark,

(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of the job listing)

Opportunities do not come always and so when I saw something coming on my way via CareerBuilder I thought of applying for it. Engineering Student matches well with my qualification and experience and so I think I can be the preferable candidate for Valero Energy Corporation in Fort Lee.

(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)

My work experience includes:

  • Construction ¬≠ Low Cost Housing Project – University Field Course
  • |2nd and 3rd of June| Built a low cost house with a group of other students as a university project on site Brick Laying, Mixing mortar,
  • Taking measurements, and other general construction work BP Sommerville Service Station York Road, Leeds,
  • Part-time Customer Assistant/Night-Shift CA Customer Service and Cashier

(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)

After accomplishment of my graduation, I have been waiting for such opportunity which can allow me to learn and prosper. Kindly note down by contact address to decide the day and date of meeting.

Yours Sincerely
(Juan Johnson)


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