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Official Cover Letter

Cover letter can be summarized letter for the enclosed or attached copies of documents but it should also mention the reason for writing this letter. It should be briefly and simply explain by the writer. Closing of the letter should be done with thanking the reader for taking his or her precious time. Listing of enclosed documents would be the important part of cover letters.

Mr. Jonathan S. Avila

3301 Hickory Ridge Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108

2 October 2010


Dear, Mr. Jonathan

With effect to issuance of this letter we officially inform you that you have been promoted from the post of Team Leader to the post of Team Manager of Sales Department. Through all your hard work and dedication towards your work you got eligible for selection process of new Team Manager in Sales Department. Even though there were 15 to 20 candidates within the company who were eligible for the post you stood no. 1 in the selection process. You were good at all our selection criteria because of which from those 15 to 20 candidates you got a chance to become the new Team Manager for Sales Department. On behalf of entire Human Resource Department as well as our company I take the opportunity to officially declare you as new Team Manager of Sales Department. Kindly find enclosed copy of your offer letter and promotion letter along with this letter.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Vivian J. Bowler

Human Resource Manager

ABC Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

165 Griffin Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003


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