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Resume and Cover Letter – Teaching

Summary: An education resume cover letter will make the first impression on how a candidate could be an asset to the school. Thus, in that letter, maskers to mention the qualifications that you have that will make you qualify for the position. If you are applying for a teacher or a lecturer, make this kind of letter and follow this sample letter.


Laura Smiles,

Political Science Department Head,

North Valles College,


June 6, 2010

Dear Ma’am,

I am writing you this letter in connection to your advertisement in the SGH newspaper that your reputable school is in need of a lecturer dated June 23, 2010. I am presenting myself for the said position as I believe that I have the qualifications and the passion needed to be able to help inspire your students to do well in their education. I believe that education plays a very big role in an individuals life and having this view on education I believe that will be an asset to your prestigious institution if ever I am hired.

Every lecturer bears the responsibility of inspiring the students and relating with them in such a way that will encourage them to give attention to each subject. Political Science as my expertise is a very beautiful subject and I would like to make my students see this subject the way I do.

I have enclose with this letter my resume if in case you need to know some more information concerning my education and work background. I would be very glad to answer if you have some clarifications regarding my application. Thank you for your kind consideration.


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