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Sample Cover Letter – Customer Service

Usually some small enterprises or the ones who have started a new business advertise their services in many ways. It can be either in the form of a leaflet, or door to door canvassing. Here in this letter a person who has newly opened a plumbing business is advertising his services in the neighborhood. Such letters should contain the information correctly and a detailed description should be given of the services provided.

Here is a sample customer service cover letter:


Smithsons Plumbing Services


Park Street,

New York


Mrs. Laura Simons

House #60,

Elms Street,

Avenue Road,

New York

21st June 2010

Dear Sir /Madam,

This letter is to inform you that Smithsons Electricity Company is now providing its services in the maintenance and plumbing also. As you have been our client for the past 2 years, we would like to give you a detailed description of the services that we will be providing to our customers.

Our plumbing services include; fittings of all types of pipes and taps, their maintenance and all solutions regarding their fittings. This service is provided for setting of new pipes and connections.

If you will avail our services now you will get an inaugural discount on the overall services provided. Besides this we have many more attractive offers for our old customers. So take this opportunity and avail maximum offers.

Thanking You,

With regards,

Smithsons Plumbing Services


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