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Sample Job Cover Letter

When applying for a job remember that your cover letter must be equally impressive as your resume. A cover letter makes your case clear and effective as it is a brief introduction of your resume.

Here is a sample job cover letter:


Alexis Baptist

72 rue de Paris,

Parc Orsay,

91400 Paris


Mr. Paul Xavier


122 avenue de Hambourg,

91308 Paris

16th June, 2010

Dear Mr. Xavier

I found an opening at myjobs.com for the post of assistant event manager. I feel this post is a match to my profile. I want myself to be associated with a demanding, fast-paced multi tasking firm. My three years of event executive experience with Global Multitudes have equipped me with a multitude of skills and I would like to continue the same with Prismatics. So I would like to apply for it.

Throughout my educational period I demonstrated an exceptional creativity and object oriented planning skill. In all the years of my services I showed exemplary secretarial skills and served the organization as the chief event planner. I know Prismatics is the pioneer in event management and I want myself to be associated with such an organization. I assure you that I will be an asset to Prismatics.

I am looking for a personal interview to discuss more about the post. Please email me at Alexis@gmail.com.fr or phone me at 431-40023292.

Thank You,


Alexis Baptist

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