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Sample MBA Cover Letter

Dear Sir,

I have been in contact with your company since the time I joined ___________ Company. I used to visit your company for many project related queries, since then I was interested in joining your organization. I believe that I have both the skills and experiences to work in your company and grow together with the company’s success. I would therefore like you to give me an opportunity to work with your organization. I have enclosed my resume for your review.

As a management trainee at ________________ I have got exposure to maintain client relationship and project management. I have an experience in furniture designing and I create reports and proposals ad forward it seniors. As a trainee my performance has been consistent and excellent throughout. I had a chance to give a presentation on my work in front of the management and the top clients.

Prior to working with this company i was handling a team of five members in the __________ company, where I gained experience in team handling and planning skills. I am very keen on joining your organization so that I can gain more knowledge and additional skills and perform better with higher responsibilities.

You can contact me any time at _____________ to fix up a meeting.


Your Name.

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