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Credit Dispute Letter

The credit dispute letter is referred to anyone who is a defaulter and not made payment of a business transaction. In this letter the writer tells the reader that he should make the payment as early as possible so that any legal action would be avoided and this it will result into good relationships. The writer also tells that he has no problem to deal with the customer if the said payment is done. This letter is a type of reminder letter.

Some tips to write a good credit dispute letter

  1. Write in very polite language and request the reader to make the payment as soon as possible. Mention the amount, due date, purchase order number etc.in detail.
  2. Tell the reader that you would like to continue business with him if the payment terms are clear.
  3. Tell the reader that if the payment is done in time then there is no need of any legal matters. This will help to make the relations strong.

Credit Dispute Letter Sample









Subject – Credit dispute letter

Dear Sir/ Madam

This letter is being written to you to let you know that with reference to our mail, we have dispatched your purchase order to the address given by you and the date given by you. As decided, we were to receive payment from your side for the order on 12.09.2013. Conversely, we are really astonished that you have filed to make the payment even after we have given you grace period. Hence we request to you that kindly pay the said due amount immediately or lese we would be forced to take any legal action. We are sure that you will make the payment on time and avoid such situation.  We would like to make business with you in future .Awaiting positive reply.

Yours sincerely,


Thanking you


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