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Letter of Credit to the Importer

The letter of credit to the importer is a request made to the company about creating a permanent account accompanying with the same credit limit and with the enclosures and invoice number supplied along with the documents those are attached.

Some tips to write a good letter of credit to the importer.

  1. Write about all the terms and conditions those are to be followed. Write the amount and the documents those are to be attached.
  2. Use professional language while writing this letter.

Letter of Credit to the Importer Sample letter









Subject -letter of credit to the importer

Dear Sir

We hereby make you aware that the S.L. Associates authorise with full sanctioned liability under all the related terms and conditions that we are interested to purchase all the material of the company after agreeing to all the conditions specified. We hereby request you to create a permanent documentary credit number to be given to the account of the S.L. Associateson the side of the amount not above $. 25,000.

We have all the relevant documents of duly signed commercial invoices, copy of the list of material, fee payment instructions showing documentary credit number, insurance policy coverage’s and consignment notices. The commercial invoice must be containing the purchase order number of the seller.We approve that the terms of credit will be appropriately honoured after the documents are delivered as agreed prior to the due date. The entire documents have to be submitted within a period of 15 days after the consignment. We anticipate receiving the offer of sellers’ proforma.

Yours Truly,


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