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Credit Report Dispute Letter

Credit report dispute letters are written to rectify wrong entries made by the person who holds the agreement as per the Govt.rules and regulations. The mistakes can be rectified within a period of one month. When there is a case of production rejection, Credit report dispute letters play a vital role. They are useful for security purpose. These letters are formal kinds of letter.

Some tips to write a Credit report dispute letter.

1. Write exactly what are the mistakes happened. Also mentioned how they can be corrected. Give the exact reference, may be telephonic talk or any other earlier letter. Also mention that it will be better if the corrections are done on time.

2. Write what documents you are attaching along with the letters. Also mention that these documents are to be shown to the higher authority.

3. Use very humble language while writing the letter. Also mention that a quick response will be highly admired from you. The tone s has to be very professional.

Credit Report Dispute Letter Sample









Subject – Credit report dispute letters

Dear Mr. Mehta,

This is with reference to telephonic talk between you and me with regards to the recording and reporting of some mistakes those are existing in the recent letter sent by you. I am writing this credit report dispute letter so that you can receive the same, go through it and make the necessary corrections. An earliest response is highly appreciated as it can help to evade many inconsistencies. I found that the date, name of the witness and the cheque serial number written are not correct. I am herewith attaching the required documents for the reference of the concerned authorities. Waiting for the immediate correction from your end.

Thanking you


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