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Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter

Sample Credit Report Dispute Letters are generally written to the higher authority that is able to take a decision at the time when it is in fact needed. Generally bank writes these letters so as to represent the buyer   in the presence of the seller and undertakes assurance that he will make payment for the purchased item in a timely manner. These letters are an evidence for the business deal that takes place between two parties. The letter should accompany the related documents and the cheque number as well.

Some tips to write good Sample Credit Report Dispute Letters

  1. Write all the details in brief your credit card number, the due amount etc.
  2. Use professional language while writing this letter.do not use very simple wordings.
  3. Mention all the details due amount, your credit card number etc. Ask the reader to contact you in case of any kinds of confusion.

Credit Report Dispute Letter Sample letter









Subject – Sample Credit Report Dispute Letters

Dear Sir / madam

This letter is being written in accordance with the credit report given by your bank as on 25 Th August 2013 which shows that my credit card account number 56789 with your bank has some due amount. Although I had already cleared my all the dues and according to me there are no out standings. I have in fact cleared payments for all the bills on or prior to the given dates given by your bank despite the fact it shows outstanding amount of Rs. 10000/-in the credit report of the current month. In respect of this issue, I politely request you to check out what the matter is and try to clear it out at the earliest. I am enclosing herewith all the relevant documents and the cheque numbers for your perusal. You are requested to make the modification at the earliest and issue me a clear cut credit report. Please feel free to contact me any time.


Thanking You


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