Discipline Letter – Sample Discipline Letter

Discipline is not only a term that one hears in schools but itis a term that is also frequently used at places of work. Discipline is the one thing that helps control temptation. Have you ever wondered why are the armed forces so respected? It is because they follow strict discipline. As a child one needs to be disciplined because that is the learning stage. As an adult one needs to be disciplined to make sure that only necessary temptations are given in to. And as an old person one needs to be disciplined to live a healthier life.

A Discipline Letter is usually an official letter that is either written to ensure that the office environment remains disciplined or it is written to give a warning to someone for not being disciplined. Since the letter is of a serious kind, the language used in it should not be rude but it should definitely be firm. The reader to whom the letter is addressed should know that the letter means serious business.

Make sure that while writing a Discipline Letter only the indiscipline or warning is being dealt with. This will ensure maximum impact of the letter for a considerable time as well. Only those adjectives should be used that convey the firmness of the letter. A Discipline Letter should be issued as soon as the indiscipline is observed otherwise the misconduct carries on. The repercussions of not being disciplined should also be a part of the letter.


  • A Discipline Letter should be given as soon as the indiscipline has been observed
  • It should be a short and crisp letter for maximum impact
  • The letter should not sound rude but should definitely be firm to convey the seriousness
  • While writing the Discipline Letter only the reason for the letter should be dealt with
  • No ulterior motive or no other behavior should be a part of the letter
  • The date when the indiscipline was recorded and the type of indiscipline should be talked about in the letter
  • The tone of the letter should sound as if it is a warning so that it is not taken lightly
  • If it is a reminder Discipline Letter then that too should also be included in the letter
  • Any repercussions of not abiding by the request in the letter should also be written


Name and address of person to whom the letter is addressed


Subject:Discipline Letter for not being compliant

Dear Ms/Mr ___________

It has been observed that despite the company policy of keeping mobile phones in switched off mode your mobile phone is kept on during working hours. We called your number on ____________ (dates) and you received the call. On ____________ (date) during our surprise compliance checks also your phone was found in switched on mode.

This is a serious disciplinary issue therefore you are requested to immediately start following the company policy. Violation of this will lead to severe repercussions.

We hope to have a fully compliant organization.

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)

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