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Dismissal Letter

An individual who is going to start working or is already working goes through various stages of her/his employment. The stages may be hiring, promotion, demotion, retrenchment or layoff and dismissal. Some of these stages indicate positive growth and some are negative.

A Dismissal Letter is given to an employee whose services in the organization are deemed to be over. There is a reason behind this letter being given to an individual and that reason is always a result of negative behavior of the concerned employee. No employee would like to get this letter ever in her/his work span and no company also likes giving it but there are certain unavoidable situations wherein there is no other option left but to hand over this letter.


  • A Dismissal Letter should only be given to an employee once the entire situation has been looked into deeply
  • Since receiving this letter impacts the recipient’s life to a great extent it should be very sparingly issued
  • Even though the employee is being sacked or being asked to leave immediately, in no way should s/he be humiliated in the letter
  • The tone of the letter should not be insulting but it should surely be firm
  • The Dismissal Letter should be brief and to the point
  • It should also indicate to the employee that if a reference letter is required it will be given
  • The Dismissal Letter should always give the reason that has lead to the issuance of this letter
  • The reason should be supported with real time incidents with dates if possible
  • The letter should always have the contact details of the signing authority in case any clarification is required
  • The Dismissal Letter should give the date from when the letter is effective to avoid any confusion
  • It should ideally be typed and given out
  • A copy of the letter should be signed by the recipient and kept by HR in case of any legal issues that might come up later


_____________ (Name and address of reader)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Dismissal Letter

Dear Ms/Mr __________

It has been observed that despite repeated reminders on _______ (dates) regarding adherence to the office timings, you still seem to be extremely relaxed about being regular and punctual at work. This attitude is obviously creating negative ripple effects amongst all the other employees.

Therefore the management has decided to dismiss your services with immediate effect. You are requested to please hand over charge to Ms/Mr ____________ by _________ (date).

Because you are still on probation, as per the HR policy there is no need for a notice period from either side. You may please collect your full and final settlement from the Accounts Department.

If you need a reference letter please do let us know and we shall be glad to help you.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any clarifications.

We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)


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