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Donation Letter to MNC

Donation letters for MNCs should be broader based and target a comparatively large cause. If you can convince an MNC of the larger cause you stand for, the benefit is doubled and you will get the leverage of mass publicity and public will come to know more and more of your organisation and its social projects. MNCs supporting your project will give you a great morale booster in very sense of the term.  Hence it is important to study elaborate presentation of details of the project to execute with the help of the MNCs

Points to draft

1) Specific in the statement of your purpose without leaving out any necessary details

2) Adapt the tone in accordance with the target you write i.e. individual or a group

3) Underline the importance of the projects under consideration and then point out its far reaching positive effects

4) Specify how such acts will boost the good will for the social welfare.

Donation Letter to MNC Sample







Subject: Donation for Nutritious food for children

Respected Sir/Madam,

As you know during these days, the need to provide children with nutritious food has become all the more important. And for this we have formed an awareness campaign and formed a fund in order to provide nutritious food programme with the help of certain businessmen, social activists and media people. For this the estimated amount will be nearly 5, 00,000.And let me request you to make this project a great success with your participation and good will.

A well protected and cared generation of children means a great future for our nation.

It is people like you who are educated and ready to disseminate the message of education that should responsibly take up such issues. And we are sure you will too. Thank you sir.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Meena Vani

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