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Donation Thank You Letter

It is a good practice to draft a letter acknowledging thankfulness for the donation that an individual or an organization has extended to your cause or purpose. A note of thanks from you foster the mutual relations between you and the individual or organization and will go a long way in opening up possibilities for them to make further donations for your future projects. Hence the importance of writing thanks letter for donation receipt seems to be immense. Thanks letter symbolizes healthy practice and professional business etiquettes.

  • Try to maintain a warm personal relationship with your benefactor.
  • Thanks acknowledgement is a beneficial record for both the parties and helps to cement relationships that may help the social projects in future too.
  • Make thankful notes to the donor and make them realise how remarkable was their contribution in making the project a success.

Donation Thank You Letter Template

Use our free Donation Thank You Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.












Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)












Subject – _______________________(Mention the purpose)

Respected _______(Name of the donor)


I am _____ (Your Name) working as a part of the _________ (project name) for the cause of helping the needy patients of govt hospitals at Chennai. This is to mark thanks and gratitude for your kind heartedness to support our cause.

The project run successfully as a result of the wholehearted cooperation with the benevolent souls like you and we hope that god will give you moral strength and power to tend by the poor and needy in future as well. We hope your cooperation and support for the like projects in future also and we take this opportunity to thank you once more

The dream of an ideal society becomes fruitful only if more people like you support such causes and let us hope for a society with good for one and all.

Thanking you.



Name and signature


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Donation Thank You Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format











Subject:  Thanks acknowledgement for donation

Respected Sir/Madam,

I take this opportunity to request you to accept our heartfelt thanks and contentment on account of your timely help and donation for the project of helping hapless patients in the govt. hospital in the city of Madras.

Your amount of donation came to us as a blessing by way of our mission fulfillment. It has acted as a morale booster for us to fulfill our dream project to help our hapless brethren in the govt hospital.

On the very day, we received your gracious money, we have forwarded to you the receipt and we made confirmation that it reached a great soul like you in time.

It is people like you who give great inspiration to us by way of social service. Thank you sir.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


Meena Vani


Email Format

This is a donation thank you letter. The donation letters are written to obtain donation from the people but the donation thank you letter is written to thanks a person who has already given donation. The pleasure to receive the donation should be expressed properly from the letter. the language in these kind of letters should be good. The letters should be explained in a very polite manner.

Dear Mr. Henry,

I am feeling a pleasure to write this letter to you today. I personally and the members of our organization are very thankful that you gave donation to us. We were in need of donation and thus we approached you. But it was your kindness that you considered our letter and gave us a helping hand.

The donation that you have given will be spend entirely on the welfare schemes of the poor and the needy people. The will be given various medical facilities and they will be helped in the best possible manner. We assure that your money will be used for a good cause. That accounts of all the expenses will be made available to you so that you can have a look and check them.

We are once again thankful for your help.

Your’s sincerely,


Peter Riddle.


Donation Thank You Letter Generator

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