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Donation Thank You Letter

This is a donation thank you letter. The donation letters are written to obtain donation from the people but the donation thank you letter is written to thanks a person who has already given donation. The pleasure to receive the donation should be expressed properly from the letter. the language in these kind of letters should be good. The letters should be explained in a very polite manner.


Mr. Henry Smith,




(Subject)- Donation thank you letter.

Dear Mr. Henry,

I am feeling a pleasure to write this letter to you today. I personally and the members of our organization are very thankful that you gave donation to us. We were in need of donation and thus we approached you. But it was your kindness that you considered our letter and gave us a helping hand.

The donation that you have given will be spend entirely on the welfare schemes of the poor and the needy people. The will be given various medical facilities and they will be helped in the best possible manner. We assure that your money will be used for a good cause. That accounts of all the expenses will be made available to you so that you can have a look and check them.

We are once again thankful for your help.

Your’s sincerely,

Peter Riddle.

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