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Template of Donation Letter

This is a donation letter template. These letters are generally formal in nature. The language used in these kind of letters must be soft and polite. The tone used in such kind of letters should be positive . These kind of letters should have direct impact on the reader of the letter. The donation letter should be short and up to the point.


Mr. Adam Smith,




(Subject)- Donation letter template.

Dear Mr. Adam,

Today I am writing this letter to you to inform you that we run a social service organization. We are totally service oriented and work for no profit. Today I want to make a request to you about donation. We are going to organize various social events for the betterment of the people.

We are going to organize social activities for the needy people. We are going to go to slum area to help various poor people. We are also going to distribute free clothes, food items and many other useful things in our campaign. We are also planning to organise a medical camp for the poor people who are affected with various diseases and are not able to take treatment for it.

I hope you will consider my note and help us in this good work.

Your’s sincerely,

Ronaldo Wesley.

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